Your Life Purpose & Patterns – The Science of Hand Analysis


This is a fascinating conversation with Brent Bruning, Master Hand Analyst, where he shares how your hands show your life purpose and your life patterns!

After recently having a private session where Brent analysed my own hands and was so on point, I got so much out of the session and uncovered something about my life that I never really understood (until now!). So I’ve invited him to share with you more about Hand Analysis, including:

  • The science, study and data behind hand analysis
  • How your fingerprints and the palm of your hand show what you are here in life for
  • How hand analysis will pinpoint the challenges and life lessons you are here to breakthrough
  • How your hands shows the blueprint of your highest potential, your exalted Self!
  • Examples of hand analysis showing the challenges and purpose/potential of well known people 

About Brent Bruning

Brent is a Master Hand Analyst from the International Institute of Hand Analysis. He has studied the life patterns of over 20,000 people, including many individuals in high profile positions.

He helps people who feel stuck to get clarity, find their true joy, and to reconnect with their purpose.

Brent is bringing to you his knowledge and experiences to unblock you and inspire you to walk your path and fulfill your life purpose.

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Your Life Purpose & Patterns - The Science of Hand Analysis


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