Welcome to LaKisha Brooks, Director of DEIJ

We would like to welcome LaKisha Brooks, as the director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ). LaKisha is passionate about DEIJ and recognizes its importance in coaching.  

“As a coach, it is essential to understand the privilege, advantages, and access that some have to professional coaching while others do not. Therefore, we need to create an equitable space in professional coaching where everyone can access it when needed,” shares LaKisha.  

“Plus, creating a sense of trust starts with knowing the complexities of your clients. That entails recognizing the multidimensions of them and the impact of intersectionality. Each client belongs to several diverse groups, including their age, gender, marital status, educational background and job title. These characteristics, along with others, shape clients individually and should be considered when working with them.” 

In this new role, LaKisha will work to create a global One ICF approach to DEIJ, where it is part of the lived culture at ICF and where stakeholders embody what it means to be a DEIJ change agent. 

To accomplish this, she will be partnering with stakeholders across the ICF to roll out a comprehensive DEIJ plan. Forthcoming initiatives include:  

  • The creation of a committee to help develop diverse and inclusive cultural/holiday events 
  • A podcast to share DEIJ information relevant to the coaching industry 
  • DEIJ training for all stakeholders 

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