This Hand Analysis Revealed My Life Purpose

We can put together the jigsaw pieces of our lives, such that our life purpose, soul journey and potentiality are no longer a puzzle, but a clear picture!

Recently I interviewed Brent Bruning about his incredible work as a Master Hand Analyst, and we discussed how hand analysis reveals soul wisdom to us about our life patterns and life purpose.

In that video (click here if you missed it!) we mentioned that Brent had done a private hand analysis session for me personally, and that the reading and session highlighted really helpful soul wisdom I wasn’t consciously aware of before, giving me aha moments! Now it makes total sense to me that Brent pointed it out.

This short video below that Brent created for me is a sneak peak into what I discovered so you can get a feel for how powerful soul wisdom and life meaning is hidden in plain sight, right under our noses! 

My Private Hand Analysis

The life pattern and soul purpose that Brent identified in my hand analysis… I can see now how it has played out in my life, experiences and relationships. It explains so much about the soulful longing that often comes up within me!

I am obsessed with how these sources of soul wisdom are available, be it hand analysis, or numerology, astrology or the Akashic Records. Life is FASCINATING!

About Brent Bruning – Hand Analysis Expert

hand analysis Brent is a Master Hand Analyst from the International Institute of Hand Analysis. He has studied the life patterns of over 20,000 people, including many individuals in high profile positions.

He helps people who feel stuck to get clarity, find their true joy, and to reconnect with their purpose.

Brent is bringing to you his knowledge and experiences to unblock you and inspire you to walk your path and fulfill your life purpose.

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This Hand Analysis Revealed My Life Purpose

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