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In today’s podcast I wanted to follow up on the Dark Agendas episode, and talk about spinning fear and how it can pull us further away from ourselves. Fear can create a vortex that pulls you into worry and negative thoughts. Have you ever focused on something you fear and had it take over your thoughts for a day? It can happen to all of us. And collectively, we are inundated with fear based messages. Through marketing, media, and even avenues we would never consider, fear is often being talked about, sold or shared. Whether you’re worried about losing your job, your partner, or even just making the right decision, fear is present. It’s important to not let fear consume you, as you don’t want to waste your precious lifeforce energy on it. 

You deserve to live life as a joyous, free and sovereign being who knows their power. And that is exactly what you have – power. The power to choose how you flow your energy and what you align to each moment of your day.

In this episode we discuss different types of fear in our everyday lives, how to avoid those that create fear in you, and ways you can self-reflect and remove yourself from the fear vortex. All are important skills that can bring you onto a higher frequency for your time on earth. 

For more information on fear spinning and how to avoid it, listen to the episode below. 

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Introducing today’s episode, Spinning Fear.
(01:46) Fear demands attention.
(04:00) Removing yourself from the fear spin.

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