Intuitive Intelligence – Welcoming the Heart Space

Intuitive intelligence plays a great role in the coaching arena as a constant process of learning and growing for both the coach and the client. By realizing the value and depth of our heart’s intuitive intelligence, the entire coaching journey is transformed collectively, raising the bar of coaching as a life-altering modality of change and self-awareness. 

When a coach and client collectively tap into this inner resource, they allow a vital force of openness, acceptance and inner wisdom to come into play. This creates a space of confidentiality, trust and higher calling. As a coach, I know that my prospective client is already naturally enabled to do this – I just silently facilitate the process. For many who are new to this idea, it may sound or feel like uncharted territory, yet to be discovered. But this partnership opens up intuitive possibilities, resulting in the generation of action plans and desired outcomes. Learning to dig deep with the client requires some work on the coach’s part as well, including creating a safe space, matching and flowing with their client during a session. 

When a coaching presence emanates from a space of calm, stillness and empathy, it creates meaningful shifts and pauses, holding a safe space for the client to express themselves freely. This can really make the coaching journey worth the experience. 

Trusting the heart’s intelligence, or your “intuition,” and communicating it to the client is an art, and it has deep emotional viability. Solutions start to pour in when the client starts reflecting on the inquiries. Here, the “what” matters most. It helps the client dive deep and discover hidden gems or “inner resources” – it’s just a matter of acknowledging, appreciating and tapping into it.   

Each person already has the resources they need within themselves. Coaches are the portals of change and exchange; they can inspire, motivate and channel the entire coaching process, making it holistically empowering for the coaching client. Personally, I work through visualizations – by marking their value words and then recapping. I ask if they are comfortable with closing their eyes – and saying thank you to their heart by placing a palm gently on the chest. This actuates the entire mood and when they start to relax and come into the present moment within a couple of deep breaths. I have seen and felt magic happen; it’s beyond words. After I introduce this technique, I curiously observe how the client manages and recalibrates their state of being. 

Entering into the Heart’s Space is a very enlightening and profound experience. I read the client’s body cues and shifts, staying aware with them on the path to discovering possibilities and realizations. It’s a treat to watch and be a part of.  

I call it “Heart’s Space Coaching,” and I feel extremely excited to pen my experience and the transformation that I have witnessed as a coach, and how this kind of coaching has immensely improved my coaching capacity. Coaching is a special medium of learning; by intuitively attuning ourselves first as coaches, we can make it even more effective, rewarding and expansive for our clients.  

Welcoming the Heart’s Space is an immersive experience, a feeling-based inner-work, to which I bear witness of with most of my clients very successfully. 

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