Introducing the new ICF Events Platform and Podcasts

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new ICF Chapter events platform. Use this platform to invite your clients and peers to register for event(s).

In addition to events, this site also hosts our new podcast channel. The podcasts are all between 15 to 30 minutes, in partnership with ICF-credentialed coaches. If you are an ICF-credentialed coach and interested in submitting a podcast, click here to view the guidelines and create a new podcast submission.

A few details about the ICF events platform:

  • The ICF Chapter events and webinars is accessible to the wide public with no login needed.
  • Chapter members will be able to create and manage their events using the same credentials as for the ICF Member Profile on
  • Dedicated feature foreseen for paid vs. free events. When paid option is activated, registrants will get an email confirming it is a preregistration and some more steps will be needed (up to you to fill in the right fields when creating your chapter events).
  • Filtering options are available for the public to select the best chapter events and webinars for their needs in their language and time zone.
  • After registration, participants and organizers will receive automatically generated emails (confirmation, reminders and thank you message)
  • Automatic generation and sending of CCE unit certificates after validation of participants attendance.
  • Events will be easy to promote on your social media using the dedicated sharing links provided by the platform.

Should you need any help in getting familiar with the platform, click here to view a preview video recorded with our ICF Chapters in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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