If You Constantly Ignore Your Woman, You Will Only Teach Her How To Live Without You.

If You Constantly Ignore Your Woman,You Will Only Teach

Her How To Live Without You.

It’s funny how she puts in so much effort and you consistently do the bare minimum. She pours her entire heart into the relationship, while you just try to do whatever you can to keep her off your back. Is she your girlfriend, or just an inconvenience?

She spends all evening getting ready, waiting, thinking about seeing you, only for you to message her at the last minute telling her that you’re running late. She sighs, wondering if you’ll end up cancelling completely yet again for some bullsh*t reason. 

Even when the two of you do hang out, you’re always on your phone. You barely seem interested in her most of the time, apart from when you’re eating the food that she’s cooked for you or you’re in the mood for sex. It would be funny how happy you are to let her clean up after you if it wasn’t so damn sad. She’s supposed to be your girlfriend, not your mother.

She wonders why she even bothers. What’s the point? She’s barely even in a relationship with you, anyway. You don’t seem to care. You don’t seem to take much notice of her. You certainly don’t treat her anything like she deserves to be treated. Deep down, she knows that.

You sit there, playing video games or playing games on your phone. You’re not interested in hanging out with her. You don’t make her laugh, or engage with her, and you never seem to be present anymore, even when the two of you are on a date. 

When was the last time you did anything thoughtful for her? She can’t even remember. It’s nothing like the early days, when you made an effort in order to impress her. Now that you’ve got her, you’ve let the mask slip off entirely. 

She wonders why she’s even with you. It’s not like you bring much to her life. You ignore her most of the time. She wonders if you even realize how close she is to breaking up with you. Probably not. You don’t seem to realize a whole lot about anything. 

It’s like you assume that just because you’re together now, you’ll always be together. It’s as if you don’t realize that the more you ignore her, the more you’re just showing her what life would be like without you. She realizes more and more every day that you don’t really bring anything to her life. You don’t make her feel special. You don’t make her laugh. You don’t even really make her smile. She’s basically single; if anything she feels burdened by you when she could be with a man who would treat her properly.  

Every day, she gets that bit closer to leaving you and going it alone. And the funny thing is, you won’t even see it coming.

Written by Maverick, Staff writer at Lessons Learned In Life Inc. ©

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