ICF Foundation: Ignite Social Progress Through Coaching

Have you joined the movement to ignite social progress through coaching? Grab a coach, identify a cause and launch! Through the Ignite Initiative, participants utilize a toolkit that allows you to focus on the heart of the project—coaching.

  • Any ICF Chapter, group of ICF Members or ICF-credential holder can create a project!
  • Partner with an organization focused on a topic aimed at any of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!
  • A coach with an ICF Credential can participate in coaching!
  • Become a Coach Leader!
  • Elevate the value of coaching by doing a pro bono (for public good) project with the partner organization for a maximum of 6 months or 10 coaching sessions!
  • Distribute surveys and submit your data to the ICF Foundation.

Learn more on how you can get involved with the Ignite Initiative.

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