Guided Diaphragmatic Breathing for Emotional Regulation

In this session with Lynette Sprowls, she guides us through a 5 minute diaphragmatic breathing ritual which supports emotional regulation.

Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re feeling, take a few minutes now… tune in and let Lynette guide you through this soothing exercise

Experience Emotional Regulation via Breathing

In our EvolveHQ private personal growth membership we have a full 80 minute session on Emotional Self Regulation with Lynette. This video is a short snippet where Lynnette guides us through a diaphgramatic breathing exercise to bring you out of emotional disregulation into a state of inner coherence between your brain, heart and body.

About Lynette

  • Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition NANP
  • HeartMath® Certified Trainer
  • Certified Energy Codes® Coach
  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach


Emotional Regulation with Lynette Sprowls For us to inspire, guide, coach, or mentor others, we must start by mastering ourselves using deep, honest exploration. Lynette has done this by developing her unique talents and approaches to opening her heart, mind, body, and spirit to the healing properties of the universe. She has experienced a profound transformation in her own life by releasing chronic illness, depression, and trauma from the energetic levels of her body. By learning to find peace within she has created a peaceful inner vibrational alignment between her heart and mind.

Using a coaching style that merges her personal experiences with her education she coaches/mentors individuals and groups to learn self-regulation skills to find an inner balance and harmony that allows them to transform their lives and explore who they really are and want to be. Lynette’s passion is to inspire others to live life from their heart, changing negative thought patterns, and understanding how every thought, word, or action shifts the energy in their energy field, and this creates their destiny. She passionately believes everyone can live a healthy, vibrant life that is full of growth, exploration, and joy.

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Guided Diaphragmatic Breathing for Emotional Regulation

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