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ICF’s deeply held organizational values help stakeholders make important decisions in how they work. They set the tone for ICF’s culture and they identify what ICF cares about. As ICF expanded its reach in 2020, a group of volunteers from across the ICF ecosystem participated in a Values Summit to review the ICF Core Values.

There were 19 participants in this Summit, including ICF members, staff and representatives from each of ICF’s Family Organizations. Over a five-month period, the Summit reviewed and deliberated on the current ICF Core Values. As a result of this extensive review, the Values Summit recommends a Revised ICF Core Values to reflect what is most meaningful to ICF and its stakeholders as an organization.

Your opinion is very important at this stage of the work—we seek to test the Revised ICF Core Values among the larger ICF community. The results of this research will be used to make final recommendations on the Revised ICF Core Values to be submitted to the ICF Global Board of Directors for approval.

Here’s how you can help: be sure to complete the Member Value Survey (hitting your inbox this week!) to weigh in on the proposed ICF Core Values. The survey will be open until June 25. Thanks in advance for lending your voice to this very important effort.

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