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Hiring a team should be easy

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

The Infinite Solutions group is hiring talented people for a number of different platforms. We are looking for qualified Psychotherapists, coaching career, Cyber Security Engineers, Drivers as well as Law Enforcement & Military personnel with more positions coming online each week. 


We are looking for people with strong character

business team
Life, Executive Coaching


We are looking for Life Coaches, Executive Coaches & Mindfulness Coaches in our AboutCoaching.io site. 

Law Enforcement & Miltary

Current Law Enforcement & Ex Force

Our Ex Force Recruitment website is designed for current & Ex Law enforcement including Military personnel. We know your worth & want to connect you to other professionals, both part time and full time work. 



Infinite Solutions are looking for qualified Psychotherapists and Counsellors for our About Counselling.io website 

Cyber Security

Information Security

We are looking to cyber security graduates & professionals. We know that your skill-sets are wanted all around the world & we can help you get what you need for the best career & life. 


Infinite Solutions

We are looking for Solutions based Coaches that are talented speakers in the areas of Mindfulness, Executive & Life Coaching.


Covid Help

We offer an emergency service for professionals to get to clients with ex Garda & ex Military drivers to get to the destination of a mental health emergency. Services Launching soon.

The process

Our solutions based team work

Infinite Solutions Group offer the very best Solutions for your life's problems. Coaching Career for Life, Executive, Mindfulness as well as Speaking & Training Engagements customized for your audience.
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