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Infinite Solutions Ltd. Group

We are Infinite Solutions Ltd Group, founded with Life, Executive & Mindfulness Coaching in mind. Made up of authentic people that want to see you succeed in your best life. Skilled in providing you with the best solutions to all of Life’s Trials.

We solve all of life’s problems & have multiple services and companies to assist you with all your challenges.

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Infinite Solutions Group are a Life Coaching based company with other services available for all of life’s issues & challenges. We have a solution for all most all problems. Please contact us today and we will guide you to the solution. 

About Coaching is a world-class Platform for Coaches to log into and use as their own website with built-in e-commerce, calendar dashboard, Staff management, change rates, add new services, talk to customers & even add your own blog. 

AboutCounselling.io is again a top-class Digital platform for Coaches to log into and use as their own website with built-in e-commerce, calendar dashboard, Staff management, rates, add new services, talk to customers & your own blog. 

AboutSecurity.ie or SecurityVisit.com is our Cyber & Information Technology Division where we can plan, fix or build any digital Solution you require.  With world-class engineers and Information Security Experts at hand. 

Exforce.io is our specialist recruitment company that allows Ex or current Police & Military personally to look for positions both part-time & permanent. New positions daily with a new blog and newsletter coming soon.

Covid Help is an Emergency Service being deployed to get Psychological & Psychotherapeutic services to anyone, any time and where. We wanted a platform to launch multiple services to assist people post COVID & more to come soon.

About Chat was developed for people in Lockdown in mind. It allows them to communicate in a chat forum/Facebook-style environment so people can stay in touch. It is completely Free, something from us to you for supporting us.

Our work

what we do

We create a structure, guidance & a teaching framework to ensure that you can make strides to your best life. Your best life is completely attainable, but it’s our job to provide a structure and accountability to ensure you are making consistent progress towards that better life. 

Life Changed
Clients Say 100%
Increase in Happiness
Clients Say 80%
Future is Bright
Clients Say 99%
OUr process

Our working process

This is a very personal process, where we get to know our clients’ needs, wants and desires to make their lives better. We create the structure to ensure there are no obstacles in our clients’ way to obtaining whatever they wish and desire.


Step 1 - Make Contact with Us.

Free Consultation

Step 2 - Talk to us about your needs & wants, so we can ascertain if we can fulfill them.

Book In

Step 3 - Book in for one or a package of sessions, so you can complete your goals in an accountable way, where you feel empowered that you are manifesting your desires.


Step 4 - Commit to this process & watch your desires & life change dramatically. This will be at your pace with an experienced life coach to guide you throughout the process.

Infinte Solutions team

People behind Infinite Solutions

Colin McHugo
CEO, Life & Executive Coach
Wayne Komoka
Mindfulnes Coach
Ian Trevor
Online marketing officer