7 Practical Ways to Build Self Esteem

Looking for practical ways to build self esteem?

Take this fun 7 day challenge! Implement one action per day as a practical way to build self esteem, and notice the compounding effect…

Way #1 – Day 1 – Interrupt Self Defeating Dialogue

[Video Timestamp 2:00] Spend this day noticing and interrupting any thoughts that suck the self esteem out of you! You can’t afford to let your mind run you if you want to build self esteem. You (the awareness you are, the spirit of you!) has a job to do as the guardian of your mind, as the caretaker of your precious inner world.

It’s time to weed out those toxic thoughts, by noticing them, and saying NO MORE! When you interrupt these thoughts you prevent them from further ingraining and gaining more momentum, and you break that pathway in your mind momentarily.

VITAL – Be sure to redirect your mind into a better self esteem building thought instead, as there is no point simply breaking a train of thought if you don’t give your mind something better to focus on. Your mind needs leadership from you, in order to go in a new direction.

For example, you notice yourself thinking “No one ever likes me”. 

Your response? “It’s most important I like myself. I like myself because…”

Way #2 – Day 2 – Acknowledgement of Your Qualities

[Video Timestamp 7:40] Spend this day zoning in on your qualities. You can journal these, give thanks for these, ask  people who love you to share what they see as your qualities… whatever will bring your attention squarely onto the fact that you DO have qualities, you have worth, you have value, and you’ve been too busy focusing on all the things you think you’re not, that you’ve missed all the things you are!

Where attention goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, something grows.

Use your mind to focus where it counts, and your self esteem will grow.

Way #3 – Day 3 – State Change During Down Moments

[Video Timestamp 12:30] Spend this day noticing any moments when you’re feeling down about yourself, when you feel lacking in self esteem, and your job in that moment is to change your state! What does that mean? It means to abruptly shift your body, your state of mind, your state of emotions, and the state of your actions in that very moment, to snap you out of that draining down moment. By promptly changing your state, you invigorate your body, mind, emotions to support you to feel more powerful.

Things you can change in that moment:

  • Get up and move your body (star jumps, stretch, dance)
  • Change your posture (strike a power pose, put your shoulders back, put your chin up)
  • Change your facial expression (smile, it is very difficult to both smile and stay in a self defeating state)
  • Rapidly repeat to yourself all the things you are grateful for in your life, to abruptly shift your mindset and edge your emotional state toward a better vibration
  • Do something, anything, that is more powerful than whatever you’re doing in that down moment. Do one thing, literally anything that is progressive and helpful – call someone you love, make a plan, run an errand, tick an action off your to do list… ACT your way into a different state.  

Way #4 – Day 4 – Stimulate Your Powerful High Vibration Emotions

[Video Timestamp 14:30] Spend this day listening to only empowering music, inspiring music, motivating music, music that stirs your soul awake, and soothes your mind into a state of self assurance. Music is a very quick way to stimulate your emotional system in a positive way and rapidly elevate your mindset.

Way #5 – Day 5 – Act As If

[Video Timestamp 16:13] Spend this day acting as if you are a person who knows your worth, value and capability. Simply ask yourself, if you had the self esteem you desire, what would you be doing differently in your life? Then pick the easiest of the actions and do it! You’ll realize that you actually can take small actions as the person you want to be, not in the future, but right now! 

Way #6 – Day 6 – New Narrative

[Video Timestamp 17:42] Spend this day in constant powerful self talk, telling yourself an entirely new narrative about who you are. The old paradigm of beliefs that focused on lack of self work, lack of value, lack of capability, repeating over and over in your mind things that people have told you, or ways they made you feel, or how life and your experiences left you deflated… that paradigm needs to be ditched! Today you start telling yourself the narrative of your powerful spirit, the you that you were born to be, and that you are indeed underneath all that old story. Tell yourself, morning, noon and night. Say it like you mean it. Fill yourself up with self esteem building affirmations… statements of truth that every part of your being is LONGING to hear and needs to hear in order for your self esteem to shift in a meaningful and lasting way.

Way #7 – Day 7 – Train Your Brain that You Get What You Give

[Video Timestamp 19:57] Spend this final day in the challenge dedicated to the task of building self esteem in other people. When you begin to focus less on yourself, and what you feel you are lacking, and you focus on building up other people who also need to hear self esteem building messages, you will realize a valuable life lesson. We get what we give. When you give love, you get love. Because love must be present in you in order to give it. When you give self esteem truths to others, by praising them, validating them, reminding them of their worth, value and awesomeness, you get the very same boost of energy back. For it must be cultivated in you and present in order for you to give it out. And you also learn another valuable lesson… by giving you are never depleted. When you give, you double down!

Download the 7 Day Self Esteem Building Challenge Guide

Click here to download the 7 Day Self Esteem Building Challenge PDF Guide, so you can save/print and easily follow along!

Important Tips if You Want Results with Building Self Esteem

  • It’s not what you do once that makes the difference. It’s what you do repetitively and consistently. Self esteem is built, through retraining yourself to view yourself and experience yourself in new ways. Make a plan, put it in your diary and stick to it every day!
  • It matters very much who you surround yourself with. If you focus with dedicated on building your self esteem, while you’re surrounded by people who tear you down, or fill your mind with question marks over your worth and value, or simply exude negative vibes… it’s like gunning your engine to zoom ahead into a new paradigm, while you have a handbrake on! You’ll spin your wheels, burn rubber and be eternally frustrated you’re not getting where you want to go. Just take off the handbrake! Practically that means you might reduce your exposure to negative people and you might proactively seek to surround yourself with positive like-minded esteem-boosting resources and people.

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7 Practical Ways to Build Self Esteem

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