2020 Prism Award Celebrated Nominee: Cleveland Clinic


Renowned for its dedication to patient-centered care and innovation, Cleveland Clinic reached its centennial year in 2021. A few years earlier, the Ohio-based academic medical center achieved a different, but equally important milestone in this case for caregiver and leadership development – ten years of building a coaching culture for its 68,728 caregivers all around the world.

Cleveland Clinic weaves coaching throughout all caregiver experiences, from onboarding and development to performance management and even retirement and beyond.

Built on the foundational belief that all caregivers can benefit from coaching, Cleveland Clinic has trained more than 2,600 managers and leaders on how to adopt a coaching approach to leadership. The beneficial effect of this investment is passing a coaching culture forward not only to Cleveland Clinic physicians, administrators, and caregivers, but also to patients and their families.

“Our coaching is relationship-centered and rooted with our value of empathy where we help others think through their goals and motivations to determine their path forward,” said Chris Nagel, PCC, nominating coach and Senior Director for Organization and Leadership Development of Cleveland Clinic’s Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Institute. “This comes down to our firm belief that everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop for a lifetime.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the institution’s mature coaching culture allowed it to quickly implement agile practices that provide even more support through an on-demand virtual coaching program. In this way, the medical center was able to support physicians and organization leaders alike as they navigated the uncertain times while empowering them to sustain their commitment to the communities they serve.

In recognition of its dedicated approach to coaching, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) named Cleveland Clinic a Celebrated Nominee for the 2020 International Prism Award. ICF’s Prism Award program honors organizations that have achieved the highest standard of excellence in coaching programs that yield discernible and measurable positive impacts, meet rigorous professional standards, achieve key strategic goals, and shape organizational culture.

Read the full case study here and visit the Prism Award page for more information on this and previous years’ honorees.

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